Nishikori vs Querrey: who will move to the next round?

Nishikori vs Querrey: who will move to the next round?

In the first round of the Washington Open on August 2, Kei Nishikori will go against Sam Querrey. Who will win in this match? Our answer is in the prediction below.

Kei Nishikori

Nishikori can't boast a successful season, rather the opposite. Kei couldn't find his game on any of the surfaces, and he also hoped for a good performance at the home Olympic Games.

In Tokyo, the Japanese tennis player played with extra motivation, which helped him to pass Andrei Rublev (6-3, 6-4), knock Marcos Giron out of the competition (7-6, 3-6, 6-1), and defeat Ilya Ivashka (7-6, 6-0). But at that point his luck was out: in the quarterfinals, Nishikori faced Novak Djokovic, and Nishikori won only two games from him.

Sure, being left without the Olympic medals isn't ideal, but Nishikori has to keep going if he wants to save the tour. The world №69has a good opportunity to do that at the Washington Open. 

Sam Querrey

Querrey is over his peak, and it is not often that we see him in excellent form. But at some tournaments, the 33-year-old American demonstrates class. We will remember the final in Mallorca for a long time, where Sam put up a good fight against the World №2 Daniil Medvedev, even though he couldn't defeat the Russian (4-6, 2-6).

After the start of the series of American tournaments, Querrey hasn't shown anything special yet: in Atlanta, Sam lost to Peter Gojowczyk in a tie-break after leading the score. Now Querrey will try to give his best in Washington. He got a difficult opponent already in the first round, so there is no time for a warm-up.

Statistics tips

1st set: total over 9.5 games

More than nine games were played in the first set in 4 of the last 5 head-to-head matches.

Tie-break - yes

Four tie-breaks were played in the last five head-to-head matches.


The two tennis players have met multiple times and know each other quite well. Kei Nishikori is currently leading the head-to-head and is the favourite of the match. The Japanese must adapt to Sam Querrey's serve and then attack, as the American looks quite weak in the rallies. We believe he will be able to do that and get a victory.

Our prediction - Kei Nishikori to win with a handicap of (-2) games.

Prediction: Handicap (-2) to Nishikori

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At 33 Sam Querrey continues to hit aces and looks very good on the first serve. The representative of Japan will have to work hard to force Querrey to fault. We assume that the match will go on for a while.

Second bet - total over 21.5 games.

Prediction: Total over 21,5

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