Akhmat vs Sochi: which team to bet on?

Akhmat vs Sochi: which team to bet on?

Akhmat have never defeated Sochi. Will the Wolves break this tradition on August 2? We have made our prediction for this game, which you can find below.

FK Akhmat

Akhmat had had a mediocre season. Andrey Talalaev has a selection of high-quality football players, but the club finished only on the 11th line in the table. The Wolves managed to avoid the relegation battle, but that is sadly the only Akhmat's achievement in the entire season.

Surely in the new season, Akhmat set more ambitious goals. They started with a victory in the first round, defeating Krylia Sovetov. Last year, the club from Samara stopped Akhmat from getting to the final of the Russian Cup.

By the 20th minute, the new players of Akhmat, Mohamed Konate and Daniil Utkin provided Akhmat with a two-goal advantage. The opponents only answer with one goal, and the Wolves won an important 2:1 victory in Samara.

PFC Sochi

Sochi had a great last season and rightfully earned a ticket to the Conference League qualification. The club's first opponent in the new season was Kesla from Azerbaijan. Already in the first game, Vladimir Fedotov's team secured a comfortable three-goal advantage, which practically guarantees Sochi a pass to the next round.

At the same time, in the opening game of the Premier League, Sochi lost. The Leopards used rotation in the away game against Nizhny Novgorod, and as a result, suffered a 0:1 away defeat. A few days later Sochi played the second leg against Kesla and won away with a score of 4: 2. Sochi's next opponent in the Conference League is Partizan Belgrade.

Statistics tips

Correct Score 2:1

This was the final score in the last five games of Akhmat.

Akhmat To Score In First Half

In the last two games of Akhmat, this bet played.

Sochi To Score In First Half

In the last four head-to-head games, Sochi score in the first half.


For Sochi, the start of the season turned out to be quite busy: the team is striving to get into the Conference League group and the Leopards are giving all their strength to this cause. Fedotov does not have a bench depth that would allow him to rotate without losing quality, and the Leopards risk repeating Krasnodar's fate last season, but it is not like they have a choice.

And so Akhmat have an excellent opportunity to defeat Sochi for the first time in the history of their head-to-head games. This is already their second chance this season, so they should win. 

We think the hosts have a better chance of scoring points. Our prediction - Asian handicap (0) to Akhmat.

Prediction: Handicap (0) to Akhmat

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Akhmat will strive for victory at home, the hosts will pay a lot of attention to the attack and probably won't leave without scoring a goal. Sochi won't give up without a fight, even if rotation is used again, so we wouldn't count on a big goal difference.

Our second bet - Akhmat to win by 1 goal.

Prediction: Akhmat to win by 1 goal

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