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    Betway sportsbook is a Maltese betting company that began offering betting services to players in the world in 2006. Since then, it has not relented in striving to be one of the go-to betting sites for millions of players looking for a reward for their passionate interest in sports and casino games. Betway online betting site holds a license of operation from Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission to establish its recognition by these two leading regulators based in Europe. Nevertheless, Betway sportsbook has not yet been recognized by the United States. This implies that the Betway betting site hasn't received the American gaming licenses that permit its operation within the American national boundary.

    Available Sports game for betting

    When it comes to game selection, Betway sportsbook has one of the impressive collections of sports games you can pick from as a player. These games range from the most popular ones to the less popular sports games. To better inform you about the available games, we have compiled the list of the games that are available for wager as of now. Kindly check the list highlighted below to confirm whether Betway online betting platform is the place that welcomes your interest:

    • Football

    • Golf

    • Rugby Union

    • Rugby League

    • Motor Sports

    • Boxing

    • Martial Arts

    • American Sports

    • Ice Hockey

    • Tennis

    • Basketball

    • Volleyball

    • Baseball

    • ESports

    • Handball

    • Cycling

    • Darts

    • Cricket

    You will notice the variation in the way the games listed above are played. These games are included in the selection to diversify the available options and ensure the inclusion of different sports that drive the interest of players. When searching for these games on the Betway sportsbook online platform, do not be confused when you don't find some of the games listed in this review. This is because the availability of games to bettors depends on the time the game is live in session. Hence, it is important to wait for when the league of the game will begin to play it.

    Coverage of Esports

    As explained in the previous section, Betway online is interested in inclusion. The coverage of eSports is a notable attestation to this. eSports is a new game that is gathering more popularity every day. Nevertheless, it has not been accessible to many players because there are not enough sportsbooks offering it as an option in the selection of games. So, on Betway online site, you can wager on different eSports games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Dota 2, League of Legends among others.

    User Interface of Betway online platform

    The Betway betting platform online has a very fast speed and high rate of responsiveness. Players are saved from the stress of having to deal with pages that load slowly. Nevertheless, new users may find navigating through the website a bit difficult. But this only takes few minutes because of the busy nature of the home page. Once you identify the section on the home page that allows you to filter down to the available sports and events you may be interested in, everything including placing a wage becomes easy to understand. You will find the main menu for the sportsbook on the left corner of the sportsbook page. It is also possible to toggle between the way the odds are being displayed on the user interface. It equally provides the option of editing how the odds should be displayed. Whatever you choose between the American decimal or fractional will depend on the one you understand best. While the interface has great functionality, there may be a need to improve the homepage to help visitors find their way through the site easily.

    Options of payment and withdrawal at Betway Sportsbook online

    Betway sports game site has an impressive list of available payment options that are available to players depending on the options allowed by their country. The good side of these numerous options available is to give players several options of payment by minimizing the possibility of being denied payment because one of the available options has decided to frustrate them with poor services.

    Deposit options

    Betway sportsbook understands that all the countries of the world cannot face the same direction when it comes to the payment method they approve for transactions in their country. To help customers, Betway online sportsbook made provision for 22 different methods of depositing money into their account. Among these are Visa, Maestro, PayPal, Skrill, EntroPay Card, and so on. Each of these deposit methods is highlighted with the countries that accept them. Hence, players are enjoined to find the deposit payment option available for their country.

    Withdrawal Options

    Betway sports game online site offers different methods of payment for withdrawal according to different countries where it operates. You can use any of the 14 withdrawal options based on the eligibility of your country to use it. So, it is always important to pick the ones available to players in your country you are playing from to complete your withdrawal. Among the available options are Neteller, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, and so on.

    Customer service support

    When people want to evaluate the services being offered by a company, there are different criteria they consider. For betting platforms, how well the betting company in question puts the players into consideration is a strong determinant. Hence, below are the reasons why Betway sportsbook is the best in terms of customer satisfaction:

    • Betway betting site provides 24/7 customer service support service to customers

    • There are different options available for customers to consider when trying to reach out for help. These range from a phone call, live chat, email.

    • Customer service support is available in 17 languages. It targets the main languages customers are likely to understand.

    • Customer service agents at Betway online sportsbook are reputed to be friendly and interested in helping clients solve their problems.

    How to sign up

    • Enter the link to Betway sportsbook online on your browser and click on the “sign up” option

    • Enter all the required details which include your phone number, new password, date of birth, email, and residential address.

    • You will have to tick on the box showing that you agree with the terms and conditions

    • Sign up and start playing

    Once you are able to register, the next thing is to make your first deposit of $10 at least. With this, you can increase your chance to earn huge cash as a reward for your passion. Why not start playing now instead of waiting forever and lose the opportunity to discover an alternative source of income on the Betway sports game site?